Rent Gear


Ok, so you want to record your new EP/album or play a live show/video shooting
and looking for the quite special element?

Well…here are some of my precious vintage gems available for rent.

The rates are quite affordable for musicians but keep in mind that
rental minimum is 6 nights (1 day changeover).

Please check your preferred dates, then the type of gear and
your personal details in the booking form below.

At the moment its possible to pick it up in Dresden Germany (pay in cash)
or receive the (non keyboard) instrument/FX via mail and invoice.

The available list of gear includes:

Roland TR-909 incl. mods
Roland TR-808 incl. mods
Roland TR-707 incl. mods
Roland TR-606 incl. mods
Roland TR-77 trigger mods
Pearl DRX-1 incl. mods (poor man´s Syncussion)

EMU-EMULATOR II + refurb 10000 sounds
E-MU SP-12 turbo incl. mods
Roland Juno 60 incl. MIDI+mods
Rhodes Mk1 73 + Jazz Chorus 50 

Vermona Cross Filter CV input mod
Roland SRE 555 aka Space/Chorus Echo 501
Roland Juno 106 Chorus Rack FX incl. mods
Korg Polysix Chorus Rack FX incl. mods

Lawo V976 Preamp (3 inputs)

Please Select your date range and your piece of gear:
Make sure to select 7 days at least (6nights and 1 day changeover)


An Email will be sent to you soon!
Thank you very much,
Jacob Korn

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