E-MU SP-12 turbo mod+repair

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Got this iconic beat machine in town for a fair price. Battery needed a replacement and all of the 30 push buttons were cleaned with isopropanol. Fader 8 was flakey so i decided to replace all of them. Backlight was a bit dim, so i soldered a new one in place.

After that i experimented with the ssm2044 chip and came up with an external control box for both of the filters. Tweakers heaven!!!

Mods: 350€ + parts (knobs+housing) + postage (No VAT (small business §19 (1) UStG))

Cutoff 1,2

Reso 1,2

Env. Depth 1,2

Furthermore I found a solution to send samples back and forth to the machine via sample dump in EMXP (windows software) in a virtual machine environment on OSX. Works pretty well!!!

All functions were tested using the Diagnostic Eprom.