Roland TR-808 mod/repair

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Here is my final take on modification of 808´s. After building different clones the original is here – finally. I will perform this mods in the external breakout box with non destructive wiring, everything is reversible.
Mod price incl. material is 808€ (plus CHD/Kenton MIDI Kit if preferred)

Mods can be switched on/off to original state:

BD Tune, BD Env1/2,
SD OSC1 Pitch, SD Snappy Decay,
Rim/Clave Pitch,
Clap Reverb Vol,
Hihat/Cym Metal/Pink Noise Switch,
Metal Pitch (HH,CYM,COW)!!
Check video for more!


Complete Run-through here:

After decades i was able to aquire this gem in my hometown.

Switchboard and transistors on the mainboard for driving LEDs were faulty and some switches needed a replacement.

I decided to modify it non destructive as possible with the following mods i did to the RC-808 and the yocto clone alteady.

BD tune

SD tune, snappy decay

CL/Rim tune

CP reverb

Noise level

Metal noise overdrive

Metal tune

Noise/Metal Hat switch

OH CH choke off switch

CYM short decay switch

I made the same Mod for my friend Break SL and some Mods+Midi (CHD) for Mr. Incognito.