Roland Juno 60 Tubbutec MIDI + Chorus Input


My Juno journey started with Cuthead‘s old Alpha Juno some years ago. Next one was a Juno-6 that I equipped with MIDI and a chorus input to use as an FX unit (as I did on most of my other synths as well). I always wanted to try a Juno-106, so I got this MKS-7 rack that I refurbished (four dead voices). I traded the unit for a 106 with one dead voice, as I had already got a Roland 707 by that time.

After fixing the problems, I placed a chorus input and speed knob there as well. It’s a great synth, but until you get the chance to use a Juno-60, you would always think that it offers presets, but would not sound like your beloved Juno-6. So, I got a defective Juno-60 for a bargain price, by fixing one voice and a couple of other things. I even pimped it further by treating it with a real wood case and installing tubbutec‘s brilliant Juno-66 extension, which offers stacking of OSCs with detuning for super lush sounds even with the chorus off. Midi control over VCF and Extra LFOs+ADSR are nice as well. portamento, sequencer and much more. It’s definitely going to be a keeper. It´s actually my second Tubbutec modification (first i did for a friend).
Recently it was equipped with a new PSU from my friend Andrej at (pictures show my unit btw:))