Jacob Korn

Music Production: Releases/Veröffentlichungen

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Here is a selection of my music releases. Check also my page on DISCOGS. [soundcloud url=“http://soundcloud.com/jacob-korn“ params=“show_comments=true&auto_play=false&show_playcount=true&show_artwork=true&color=53BAC4″ width=“100%“ height=“225″ ] ___________________________________________________________________ Jacob Korn feat Kelli Hand – Dance Away || VA: Uncanny Valley 002 (2010) (12″ EP, MP3) – get it here! ___________________________________________________________________ Jacob Korn – Slamduck || VA: Uncanny Valley #001 (2010) (12″ EP, MP3) – get it here! ___________________________________________________________________ Jacob Korn – Sundaysun / Sand || Dolly 03 (2010) (12″ EP, MP3) – get it here! ___________________________________________________________________ Mano Le Tough – Baby, Let´s Love (Jacob Korn Remix) || Dirt Crew 43 (2010)…read more


Education: Music Production Workshops

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„Create – Don´t hesitate! “ Musikproduktions-Workshop-Reihe Diese Reihe kostenloser Workshops wurde von Jacob Korn und den Moroders initiiert und wird mit Hilfe verschiedener internationaler Tutoren im dresdner Club „Altes Wettbüro“ durchgeführt. Zu den Tutoren zählten die offiziellen Ableton Live Tutoren Thavius Beck (Los Angeles) und Mike Huckaby (Detroit), St. Göran (Göteborg), sowie deutsche Tutoren wie SchleckStecker (Jena), Rainer Beckmann & Sören Matschiste (Dresden), Mr. Incognito (Dresden), Noizecreator (Dresden), NDK (Dresden), Cuthead (Dresden) und Jacob Korn (Dresden). CDH bei Myspace Feedback: Ein großes Dankeschön und eine große Bitte an Fortführung der Reihe…read more

Cross Media Production: Interactive Performances (2007-2009)

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Interactive Danceperformance „body_bytes“ at 3. Dresdner Zukunftsforum (2008) Tanzperformance „body_bytes“ der Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau geziegt auf dem 3. Dresdner Zukunftsforum 2008 veranstaltet von T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. Credits: Dancer: Maggie Nicolai, Emely Fernandez Sounddesign and Music: Jacob Korn Visual Design: Matthias Härtig Software-Engineering: Jacob Korn, Matthias Härtig, Frieder Weiß Tracking System: Kalypso (www.hypecycle.de), Granular Sound-Environment (Max/MSP) Jacob Korn Live-AV at Automatic Clubbing (CYNETart Festival 2009 Dresden) Jacob Korn is an artist in residence at the Trans-Media-Lab (TMA) in Hellerau, working on the connection of interactive participation offers in the context of electronic dance…read more


Music Production: Livesets/DJ

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I played live or as a DJ in clubs and at festivals in Canada (RBMA-Toronto), Spain (Sonár Festival-Barcelona), Netherlands (Picnic at Night-Amsterdam), Sweden, Denmark (Dunkel), Norway (Fisk og VILD-Oslo), Switzerland (Formbar-Bern), Austria and Germany (Distillery-Leipzig, Panorama Bar-Berlin).  If you are interested in seeing me live, check out: Calendar of the upcoming Liveacts, DJ-Sets and Installations/Performances. Live at Nachtdigital 31.07.2010 on RBMA-Radio. This live set is my 12 AM-performance from the beach of Nachtdigital 2010 where we unveiled our new Uncanny Valley label. Stream: http://redbullmusicacademyradio.com/shows/3140/ Mix for DJBroadcast.nl A DJ-Mix for…read more

Cross-Media-related Biography (english)

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CV Jacob Korn [DE] Born in the early 80´s. 2001 Student of Media Technology at TU Ilmenau. 2002 academic assistant at the Fraunhofer IDMT. 2004 Facilitator of workshop „Live-audio/video-installation“ („Museumsquartier“ Vienna). 2005 programming a live interface for IOSONO wave field synthesis system. 2006 paractical work on array technologies. 2007 participant of Red Bull Music Academy (2 week music production workshop in Toronto). 2007 internship at Trans Media Academy (working on net based virtual environments and interactive dance performances, Presentation at „Cynetart“ Festival 2007). 2008 Live-Performance at Sonár Festival (Barcelona) and…read more


DJ/Liveset-related Biography (english)

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Jacob Korn from Dresden, Germany was born in the early 80’s. His sound is influenced by Kraftwerk and the sound of 90’s techno and house music. He has been producing electronic music of different flavours for what seems like an eternity. Early on in his career he combined Hip Hop and Techno with elements of Jazz and weird electronics under the Granufunk moniker. Once he turned his attention to more classical but versatile house and techno stylings he chose to go by his given name. Jacob Korn continually experiments in new recordingstyles…read more