DJ/Liveset-related Biography (english)

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Jacob Korn from Dresden, Germany was born in the early 80’s. His sound is influenced by Kraftwerk and the sound of 90’s techno and house music. He has been producing electronic music of different flavours for what seems like an eternity. Early on in his career he combined Hip Hop and Techno with elements of Jazz and weird electronics under the Granufunk moniker.

Once he turned his attention to more classical but versatile house and techno stylings he chose to go by his given name. Jacob Korn continually experiments in new recordingstyles and production techniques, while developing his own music tools for cross media arts and interactive performances.

He played live or as a DJ in clubs and at festivals in Canada (RBMA-Toronto), Spain (Sonár Festival-Barcelona), Norway (Fisk og Vild-Oslo), Denmark (Dunkel-Copenhagen), Netherlands (Sugar Factory, Picnic at Night-Amsterdam), Sweden, Switzerland (Formbar-Bern), Austria and Germany (Panoramabar, Kleine Reise-Berlin, Ego+Übel und Gefährlich-Hamburg, CynetartFestival-Dresden).

Jacob Korn released his debut album, different EPs and remixes under various names on international Labels like Astrolab, Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Basic Soul Units „Left of the dial“ and Panorama Bar Resident Steffis „Dolly“-Imprint. New Releases for Uncanny Valley and Mild Pitch are coming this year, so keep your ears pricked up.