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Vermona Piano Strings Chorus+EQ input mod

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This 80ies east german keyboard features a true 3 line BBD chorus section by the likes of solina and logan plus a 3 band eq that is accessible now via jack.               Look for Mod 1-3 in section ST2.  Thanks to vermona and Lutz Würker for sending the schematics.  Time: 30min. 


Sven Väth In The Mix – The Sound Of The 16th Season features „Bingoparty“

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Artist: Sven Väth Title: The Sound of the 16th Season Release: CORMIX051 Release Medium: CD & Digital Release Date: 20th of November 2015 Tracklist: CD 1 1. DJ Koze – XTC 2. Matthew Dekay – Fangtango 3. Metaboman – Next Please 4. Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City – Till We Meet Again (Carl Craig Remix) 5. Jacob Korn – Bingoparty 6. Leon Vynehall – It’s Just (House Of Dupree) 7. Aaaron – Whatcha Say 8. Daniel Bortz – Don’t Disturb Björn 9. John Tejada – Cipher 10. Mattheis – Prism2…read more


Oberheim Matrix 1000 1.16 rom upgrade

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Oberheim Matrix 1000 EPROM chip, operating system version 1.16. The last official version released by Oberheim was 1.11; this version corrects some MIDI SysEx control issues that Oberheim overlooked, such as a really slow response to filter cutoff frequency settings. This replaces chip U804 on the main board (it is socketed, so no soldering is required). Took about 30min. – Bug fixes made by Nordcore. – MIDI NRPN parameters editing fix. – Faster processing of parameter changes that need a modulation matrix rebuild, there’s still a small lag but it’s…read more


„FILMTONVARIO “ interaktive Station der Austellung „Ohne Ton kein Bild“ in den Technischen Sammlungen Dresden

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Heute um 15uhr Eröffnung der Austellung „Ohne Ton kein Bild“ in den Technischen Sammlungen Dresden mit dem FILMTONVARIO. An einer interaktiven Station des Dresdner Medienkünstlers Jacob Korn können die Besucher selber den Klang bei Filmbeispielen ändern, um zu erleben, wie eine Änderung des Tons die Wirkung von Filmbildern bewirkt. http://www.diaf.de/de/home/rubriken/Blog_Detailseite/dT/10/b/Ohne-Ton-kein-Bild-530     Frau Dr. Eva-Maria Stange und Diaf Mitarbeiter zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung.   

Vintage RFZ Preamp Racking

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Those great sounding 70’s preamps from the former GDR broadcasting with discrete design and transformers were found on a local fleamarket.  Now they needed recycled wooden housings (dia boxes) powersupplies und XLR inputs/outputs. Not the most versatile preamp (no low cut,48V) but perfect for dynamic mics. Really pleased with the coloured tone and the huge amplification of 70dB!!