Studio Essentials for XLR8R

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The Uncanny Valley regular talks us through his favorite machines.

The shaping and development of music taste will in most instances be an ongoing, infinite quest. After all, inspiration can strike at any time, in all variety of forms. It’s a sentiment that is even more true when it comes to actually making music. The spectrum of styles that have come out of Jacob Korn’s studio is testament to this: the German producer has dabbled in a bit of everything over the years.

Earlier in his career, Korn pushed out glitchy hybrids of hip-hop and electronica as Granufunk. Since beginning to channel his work under his birth name, he’s kept house and techno as a reference point for his wider experiments in sound. In recent years, with releases on the likes of Cocoon, Permanent Vacation, and a wealth of material on Uncanny Valley, Korn has impressed with the skill of being able to unite diverse genres into coherent tracks. Funk and disco stylings are rife in his productions, though equally he’s put out techno tracks, grungy beatdown numbers and more straightforward house.

It’s the mark of a passionate producer—a musician who strives to push his tools to the limit. We dialed up Jacob Korn to see what is going on behind the scenes.