„EP-1“ Review by Mavrikproductions

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Jacob Korn Claiming recent fame for the ingenuity and consistency of his live shows, Jacob Korn has released the first of 2 EP’s on Uncanny Valley with a freshly established status as a house and techno heavyweight. The latest release fronts a familiar 90’s house and techno impression, whilst featuring some novelty sounds that blend together in a quality output. First on the release is “Eisladen” which sets the standard high with a Highlife guitar sample that provides unsuspecting harmony to an artificial sounding record, a clever touch. As the layers build in, “Arzt im Praktikum” starts to sound something like a Watergate release until driving chords turn the whole track on its head. The B side, “Fahrt durch Tal”, combines contemporary disco samples with a rhythmic bass riff courtesy of Phillip Oertel for a sound more typical to Korn’s usual output. The track builds slowly, sparkling with a delicate use of percussion and soulful vocal injection just when it’s needed. “Kokosnuss” is another track on this release which mixes sounds together to produce surprising results. What initially sounds something of a tropical house origin is soon hit by an atypical thumping drum and acidic synth to which remarkable harmony ensues. There is no doubt that the Uncanny Valley label is fast becoming a consistent platform for quality music and this is reflected in EP1. Over the past 6 months we’ve been treated to fantastic records from CutheadScherbe and Break SL, all of which have embodied the sample heavy and industrial sound the label is becoming known for. It was always going to be a difficult and daunting task to follow up on Korn’s highly acclaimed ‘You & Me’ release. However, EP1 does exactly that and undoubtedly demonstrates Korn’s growing talent as a producer. EP1 is out today (10th July) and can be bought here. Howard Fawcett