Juno Plus teases Jacob Korn – EP1

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Preview the first of two planned releases from the producer on the Dresden label.

Uncanny Valley is definitely a label that seems to take full advantage of the proliferation of artists and producers that make up it’s Dresden-centric community, with a release schedule that can best be described as brisk – they just issued a third record from Break SL for example. Despite this fact, it’s been some two years since the label’s most recognisable artist Jacob Korn has contributed to the Uncanny Valley cause, with a full release in the shape of his rather splendid debut album You & Me.

A busy schedule of playing live, adding to his studio and laying down some new productions is the suggested reason for Korn’s absence (he has of course done a few remixes and contributed tracks to compilations in this time) and the fruits of his studio-based labour will be explored over two EPs on Uncanny Valley this summer. The first, titly simply EP1, is due a month from now and sounds perfectly pitched for the summer period on the basis of the below previews, with the highlife guitar and loose jacking drums of the lead track “Eisladen” making for a particular earworm.