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4. Dresdner Zukunftsforum – Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (2011)

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Interactive Installation for Dresden Future Forum. Ranga Yogeshwar interviews Dr. Klaus Nicolai and Frieder Weiss. Visitors are able to interact with the visuals and the Sound-environment by their fullbody movement (via a camera motion sensing system). Software-Engineering: Frieder Weiss, Jacob Korn, Matthias Härtig. Visual processing: Kalypso (Frieder Weiß) Music and sound-environment: Jacob Korn Visual environment: Matthias Härtig Dance: Johanna Roggan A production of the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau 2011. http://t-m-a.de/ https://jacobkorn.de http://frieder-weiss.de


Workshop at Art On Wires Conference 2011 (Oslo)

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Here we  are again. The young Art.On.Wires festival opens its doors for the second time. Like last year, we arrived in a very warm and wellcoming atmosphere here in Oslo. Not just because the sun is shining… Today the day starts with an introduction talk by Alexander Eichhorn, the founder of this festival. The day is reserved for talks and lectures. People introduce themself and their work in general or more specific, talk a little about the workshops they will give and answer some questions. Jacob Korn talks about his main…read more


Workshop at Future Everything Festival (The Factory, Manchester 2011)

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We were invited to be part of the Future Everything 2011 conference in Manchester, during which we were asked to build something from scratch. The result of this 3 day Open Workshop is an interactive audioreactive instrument built on the basis of Switchboy, a visual-framework for realtime A/V-performances in large venues. By day we worked on this installation, by night we played an A/V-show in the famous venue The Factory (FAC251). Jacob Korn was in charge of the music, schnellebuntebilder provided the visuals. intolight.de jacobkorn.de schnellebuntebilder.de clubtransmediale.de/​projects/​icas-ecas.html   Related articles…read more


AC Presentation at CTM2011 – FESTIVAL AS LAB – SYMPOSIUM

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Presentation of Automatic Clubbing at clubtransmediale 2011 Symposium // 04/02 › HAU 1 SCHEDULE 12:15 › Festival as Lab Toolkit (FALT) Presentation: Drew Hemment [UK] 13:15 › Festival as Lab Open Call Presentation of the Winning Project by Conrad Schneider (intolight) and  Adam Nieman. 14:15 › Automatic Clubbing Presentation: Thomas Dumke & Jacob Korn [DE] 16:15 › iTouch U: Haptic Festivals in the Abbreviation Age Presentation: Simon Vincent [UK/DE] 17:15 › Free Culture Incubator – A Decentral Resource Centre for Berlin Presentation: Ela Kagel [DE] 18:15 › Closing Discussion Drew…read more

Uncanny Heroes – Video

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UNCANNY HEROES is an interactive dancefloor installation, which masterly connects club visitors, dance music and surrounding 3D graphics. It is a highly participative mix between a music live act and gaming environment. With their body movements, visitors play on the installation like on a harmonic and cooperative instrument. Visual and musical moods on the dancefloor are created in a dialog among them and the performer. UNCANNY HEROES was developed by intolight, Jacob Korn and members of the VG Laterne collective during a one week workshop. Thanks go to Trans-Media-Akademie, F….read more


CYNETART 2010 – 14th International festival for computer-based art

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Saturday, 13th November 2010 | Automatic Clubbing Night II – Uncanny Valley Label Showcase with Uncanny Heroes (Interactive Performance-Installation) The audience can change interactive music from Uncanny Valley artists and visuals by local graphic designers. This work is presented by Jacob Korn and intolight and was created in a one week workshop. CYNETART 2010 Videoteaser #1+2# from Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau on Vimeo. CYNETART is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden. The festival has been the focal point of the research at Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau for 14 years now. This…read more


Motion Meets Music at SIGGRAPH Los Angeles

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The installation „Motion Meets Music“ will be presented at this years SIGGRAPH conference (http://www.siggraph.org/s2010). „Organic Motion“ the manufacturer of markerless Motioncapturing systems invited Marko Ritter (www.intolight.de) and me to present our interactive audiovisual installation we produced together with the „Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden“ Jacob Korn (sound.programming) Marko Ritter / Intolight (vvvv.programming) Thomas Neumann (Motion Capturing Lab) „Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft“ Dresden intolight.de jacobkorn.de htw-dresden.de organicmotion.com The conference presents emerging technologies and other interesting topics: