Workshop at Art On Wires Conference 2011 (Oslo)

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Here we  are again. The young Art.On.Wires festival opens its doors for the second time.

Like last year, we arrived in a very warm and wellcoming atmosphere here in Oslo. Not just because the sun is shining…

Today the day starts with an introduction talk by Alexander Eichhorn, the founder of this festival.

The day is reserved for talks and lectures. People introduce themself and their work in general or more specific, talk a little about the workshops they will give and answer some questions.


Jacob Korn talks about his main projects over the last years, beside being a musician and producer for Techno and House music. Automatic clubbing is one of it. Now called I.D.A (interactive dancefloor application) which is a collaborative instrument. In the beginning it would run with kalypso, Live and Max/MSP stand alone. He collaborates with different people to realize several performances, such as Frieder Weiß, Matthias Härtig and intolight. Next project is Harmony Universe. An instrument mainly for children. They learn playing with music and rhythm through an interactive software and visuals on the floor (for instance). It is a collaborative instrument, so if the kids play well, it sounds well…max4live and vvvv is used for the software stuff. Another baby of Jacob is Uncanny Heroes – a workshop based development for a tool to let people interact with the sound and visuals they’re confronted with in a normal party situation.

He will give a workshop for Ableton live on Thursday and Sunday.

Video from the afterparty:

Jacob Korn //
Harmony Universe //
Uncanny Heroes //