Uncanny Heroes – Video

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UNCANNY HEROES is an interactive dancefloor installation, which masterly connects club visitors, dance music and surrounding 3D graphics. It is a highly participative mix between a music live act and gaming environment. With their body movements, visitors play on the installation like on a harmonic and cooperative instrument. Visual and musical moods on the dancefloor are created in a dialog among them and the performer.

UNCANNY HEROES was developed by intolight, Jacob Korn and members of the VG Laterne collective during a one week workshop.

Thanks go to Trans-Media-Akademie, F. Weiss for his video motion sensing software EyeCon and of course vvvv and Ableton Live. The acoustic and and visual material came from numerous resident producers and artists. It was created, arranged and premiered as part of the AUTOMATIQUE CLUBBING events at CYNETART festival for computer based art in Dresden, 2010.



Kornhead live at SektorE: