Jacob Korn

Rent studio & gear

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You can rent the studio either with or without a sound engineer (after introduction). With an engineer you save precious time with setting up, routing, mixing. its also possible to rent single machines on a daily basis. You will find photos and videos of the gear over here: equipment. feel free to ask for a complete eqipment list. If you are interested in mixing and premastering your projects check out mixing & premastering. for tailored rates CONTACT me!

Vintage RFZ Preamp Racking

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Those great sounding 70’s preamps from the former GDR broadcasting with discrete design and transformers were found on a local fleamarket.  Now they needed recycled wooden housings (dia boxes) powersupplies und XLR inputs/outputs. Not the most versatile preamp (no low cut,48V) but perfect for dynamic mics. Really pleased with the coloured tone and the huge amplification of 70dB!!

Video-Feature from „Slices“ 01-12 is online

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„Dresden has quite a lot going thru it in terms of electronic music. In particular its the label Uncanny Valley that really sticks out from the pack. One of their most notable producers is the multi-media-artist Jacob Korn…“ Thx to the slices team for the nice interview. More Slices features: www.electronicbeats.net/tv/slices