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„You & Me“ in 2012 top 30 album charts of teshno.com

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Number 23, jacob korn, you & me, uncanny valley (listen/buy it) uncanny valley have many a talent in their extended family, but the first to breakthrough with an album all his own was jacob korn. well, it was sort of all his own, because every track also featured a high profile guest either on vocals or beat work duty. the result are a prickly deep house album that sounds thoroughly, arrestingly european and industrial instead of exhaustingly african and soulful like many of its peers. http://www.teshno.com/2012/12/albums-of-the-year-2012.html Related articles Podcast for „Trace A Line“ (jacobkorn.de)

Watch lecture at CDR Berlin (45min) english

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Jacob Korn is not only a producer and live artist. From time to time he also works as a teacher for kids who want to learn something about making electronic music and interactive performance. So it was only natural that he got an invitation to CDR Berlin in November 2012 to share his knowledge with some young and talented producers. CDR is a music platform for sharing and developing ideas and works in progress. The event took place at Berlin’s Prince Charles.


Podcast for „Trace A Line“

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We talked about him just a month ago for the release of his You & Me album, Jacob Korn hits the headlines again with this exclusive and very well-executed podcast. Like most members of the Uncanny Valley label based in Dresden, Jacob discovered music production through hip-hop, jazz and IDM, three quite different genres of music that he started combining with more techno vibes early in his career under the alias Granufunk. After participating to the infamous Red Bull Music Academy back in 2007, he decided to get serious into music producing and especially into house and…read more

„You & Me“ Kritik in Spex 341

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Clubmusik mit Holger Klein. Das Label Uncanny Valley stellt in Dresden für eine beachtliche Anzahl an Musikern ein kreatives Zentrum dar. Der wohl bekannteste unter ihnen ist der Cross-Media-Künstler Jacob Korn. Mit „You & Me“ (Uncanny Valley) legt er nun sein erstes Album vor. Da Korn gerne mit anderen Menschen zusammenarbeitet, beschloss er, darauf nur Kollaborationen zu veröffentlichen. Neben Freunden aus seiner Heimatstadt wie Cuthead, Sandrow M oder Break SL finden sich im Line-up die US-Sängerin Kid A, San Soda aus Belgien, Mr. Raoul K aus Lübeck oder Christopher Rau…read more

„You & Me“ Review of „Truantsblog“

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Antithetical to the concise aesthetic statements found across well-rehearsed 12”s, the full length LP is dangerous territory for most producers. Having to spread the kinesis of a taut club track across 60 minutes without exhausting the listener is difficult. Relying on the usual compositional techniques transforms potent ideas into islands in an uninviting sea of DJ-friendly intros and outros. Conversely, cutting the dancefloor out of the equation often neuters any appeal the artist once had, relegating their vision to the electronic music world’s analogue of coffee table jazz: the dreaded…read more

You & Me reviewed in Groove Magazine

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Anlässlich von Jacob Korns Debütalbum „You & Me“ singt Burkhard Welz das Hohelied auf den neuen Kooperationsgedanken, den er bei Labelkollektiven wie Uncanny Valley ausmacht: „Die angestammten Egoismen derBranche […] machen in diesen Zeiten keinen Sinn mehr.“ Das komplette Review findet ihr hier: http://www.groove.de/2012/09/17/jacob-korn-you-and-me-album-review/


„You & Me“ Review on Resident Advisor

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If Workshop, Smallville and Dial are the wise, safe old hands of deep house, then Dresden’s Uncanny Valley are here to fuck shit up with some post punk attitude and sonic scuzz. At the heart of the label since day dot has been Jacob Korn, someone who has shied away from the genre’s usual trappings and instead favours a prickly pallet that takes cues from swathes of music well outside the usual electronic sphere. And that’s what seems to define his debut full length, You & Me. It feels thoroughly…read more