Podcast for „Trace A Line“

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We talked about him just a month ago for the release of his You & Me album, Jacob Korn hits the headlines again with this exclusive and very well-executed podcast. Like most members of the Uncanny Valley label based in Dresden, Jacob discovered music production through hip-hop, jazz and IDM, three quite different genres of music that he started combining with more techno vibes early in his career under the alias Granufunk. After participating to the infamous Red Bull Music Academy back in 2007, he decided to get serious into music producing and especially into house and techno which attracted him more and more…He then put aside his Granufunk pseudonym and started releasing records under his own name on labels such as Gerd Janson’s Running Back and Steffi’s Dolly imprint. While his reputation was growing, it is the creation of Uncanny Valley in 2010 that will truly put him in the spotlight with his Dresdener label mates Cuthead, Break SL, C-Beams and others as well… You know the end of the story, it’s the recent release of his debut album which had a unanimous success worldwide.

Jacob Korn’s podcast is a mixed compilation of tracks released on Uncanny Valley, you will find some of the label’s classics as well as some still unreleased gems which suggest only the best regarding Uncanny Valley’s future… So here’s a mix of great style and a perfect introduction to the Dresden house sound.


01: Credit 00 – Brio’s Theme (UV008)
02: Scherbe – Kill Bill$ (UV010)
03: Scherbe – Endlezz Cinema (UV CDR)
04: Jacob Stoy – S51 (UV010)
05: Scherbe – Sunset Strips (UV CDR)
06: Sneaker feat. Sane – Run To You (UV CDR)
07: Sneaker feat. Sandrow M. – L.O.V.E. (UV CDR)
08: Cuthead – The Sinner (UV 002)
09: Jacob Korn & Kelli Hand – Dance Away (UV002)
10: Cuthead – Brother (UV007)
11: Thomas Fröhlich – Get Us (UV001)
12: Jacob Korn & San Soda – Punta Del Este (UVLP01)
13: Break SL – Amorphed Limits (UV009)
14: One Day In Metropia – Night Train (UV003)
15: Credit 00 – Eiserne Lunge (UV003)
16: Projektname Unbekannt – Dresden, den 15.05.2005 (UV003)
17: Jacob Korn & Sneaker – Heteronomous (UVLP01)
18: CVBox – Machinematch (UV004)
19: Sneaker – You Think You Think! (UV004)
20: Jacob Korn & Christopher Rau feat. The Drifter – I Need You (UVLP01)
21: CVBox – Past the Eclipse (UV011)

Download here : (TAL093) Jacob Korn – 19.10.2012