Roland Juno6 – Chorus Input mod midified refurbished

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Probably the fattest mono to stereo 2 BBD delay line chorus on the planet. Iam using it on every single record or remix to stereo spread elements with some character (and noise).

You need to replace the long Jumper j10 on the Chorus Board with a jack socket that acts as a Switch (green and red cable). when its unplugged you have the original Jumper wirering from OSC and when you plug in your Mono Source its been sent to the Chorus Board. Dont forget the ground wire(black). Easy. Took 1 Hour. have Fun!

Midi-interface by 1,5hours.   

 There was voice missing the resonance that turned out to be a dead BA662 chip. Removed, soldered a socket, replaced and calibrated. Great sounding midi polysynth and FX!

Took another 2h.    


thx to for the advice!