Roland JX-3P organix MIDI upgrade mod

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Duration: 4h for Mod. Note: Organix kit is not available anymore.
The Roland JX-3P synthesizer is a nice analog synth produced in 1983. Today people still use this synth very often. The JX-3P was one of the first synthesizers with MIDI. The sounds can be edited from the frontpanel and with a PG-200 programmer. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the MIDI functionality is very limited. No SysEx or CC support was implemented. It is impossible to edit the sounds via MIDI. The second disadvantage is that the PG-200 programmer and the MIDI-IN can not be used simultaneously.

jx3p-organix mod
jx3porganix mod1
To solve these shortcomings, a JX-3P MIDI Expansion kit is designed. This kit is the result of many months reverse-enginering and designing. It adds a lot more MIDI functionality to the Roland JX-3P synthesizer.

– simultaneous use of the MIDI Input and PG-200
– control the JX-3P realtime with standard MIDI CC messages. (i.e. with a MIDI-Knob controller).
– all knobs and switches on the PG-200 send out standard MIDI CC messages.
– select the MIDI channel on the JX-3P as 1, 2, 3 or OMNI
– velocity sensitivity (MIDI input only, not the keyboard)

Installed this in mine and Credit 00´s synth. could work your baby out as well!! works great with Behringer BCR controller or direct CC control from the DAW!!!