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Since today’s digital mixes tend to sound too precise and clinically more and more producers want analog warmth that can’t be easily achieved „in the box“. in respect to high end studios i rather like the dirty records so be aware of that…otherwise you would not be looking at this page, right?! 🙂 .

Your project is as unique as your music. Whether you just want to do a mixdown, or if you want to record some of your tracks through outboard or even replace software instruments with classic analog synths: I got some secret (modified) weapons that will be used to enrich your music. Please check out the equipment page.

In more than 15 years of making electronic music i was lucky enough to play liveacts worldwide on a variety of soundsystems. I want to share this knowledge with you how a tracks should sound on a big system and a small speaker as well. also check out the releases!

the premaster version of your mix will be delivered alongside with the final mixdown to be played out in your sets and ready to send demos to labels!