Equipment list (2014)

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Synths, Sampler, Drummachines

Akai professional: MPC1000 (JJ OS3)
Alesis: HR-16(mod,own ROM)
Clavia: Nord Micro Modular
Doepfer: modular modules
Elektor: Formant modular system
Fender: Rhodes MK1 73 + Jazz Chorus50, Chroma Polaris (ARP synth)
Korg: polysix (mod), poly 61(mod), poly 800(mod), exM1r
Kurzweil: K2000rack
Roland: Tr-808 (diy clone, mod), Tr-909 (mod), Tr-606(mod), Tr-505(mod), Juno 6(mod), Alpha Juno, JX3p(organix midi), JD800
Sequential Circuits: Sixtrak
Weltmeister: Claviset (GDR E-piano)
Yamaha: DX7 (512 patches)

All synths are Midi-parameter mapped with a BCR2000 and Max/MSP patch


Boss: CE-1 Guitar pedals (valve caster,phase 90clones…)
Haible: Variable Slope 36db Filter/Phaser
Dynacord: Echocord mini Spring reverbs
Wem: Copicat

Computer, DAW, Interfaces

Ableton Live 9
Apple Macbook Pro Retina (2012) Apple Ipad3 (touchable etc.)
ADAT (Adcon, Alesis) 26 I/O
Motu Midi interfaces 13 I/O
Motu 828mk3 hybrid(usb,fw) interface
Beis AD24QS – Audio Analog to Digital Converter 24 Bit/192 flagship chipset