Kito Jempere – Confusion (Jacob Korn Raw Mix) || Freerange 185 (2013)

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Kito Jempere – Confusion (Jacob Korn Raw Mix)

Release Date: 7th Oct (Vinyl) / 14th Oct (Digital)
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat No: FR185/FRD185


Confusion is the first fruits of an alliance forged following Jimpster’s appearance at a St Petersburg party run by Kito Jempere, who also trades under the magnificent moniker of St Petersburg Disco Spin Club. The EP displays an ear for soulful, velveteen deep house and snappy percussion. A thick, fatty kick stomps through „Confusion,“ backed up Chandler-esque cowbells and harps. It gives it a solid rhythmic base for Jempere to layer quivering, soulful chords and a stirring high-pitched vocal sample (culled from soul standard „What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted,“ no less). „I Get This Feeling“ folds out into a slow disco jam, punctuated by blasts of muted horn and mewing analogue synths.But as neat and tidy as the originals are, it’s Jacob Korn’s remixes that that lifts this package beyond the norm. After last year’s delightfully druggy and dirty album for his hometown label, Uncanny Valley, Dresden’s Korn pours a trippy house elixir into „Confusion.“ The first remix sprawls over nine minutes of vigorous 4/4 magic, with a tantalizing mass of chimes and swollen synths—it has something of the Tom Middleton about it. Korn’s second pass of „Confusion“ is digital only, but it’s far from just a bonus. A feature of Jimpster’s recent Boiler Room set, it keeps key facets of the other remix in place, but lets it loose to gallop through a muddy field of titanic bass and spitting hi-hats. It’s stupendously good peaktime business
Stephen Worthy