Jacob Korn – Supakrank EP || Dolly 001 (2010)

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Jacob Korn – Supakrank EP

|| Dolly 001 (2010)

(12″ Vinyl only EP) – get it here!


Steffi has unveiled her new label, Dolly, seemingly at the exact right time. Deep house is all the rage again, people are in love with limited edition vinyl and when you throw the words “Panorama Bar” on the one-sheet, it’s almost a buy-on-sight situation. Dresden resident Jacob Korn, whose tracks are regularly played by the Panorama Bar residents, especially Steffi and Tama Sumo, was a perfect fit for the upstart imprint—his infectious, druggy-morning sound is perfect for the delicate selectors that fawn over short-run vinyl-only releases.

The A-side of the release delivers two versions of the title track, and in a bold move leads the side off with the remix by Basic Soul Unit. The original slowly lurches to life with a patiently evolving, heavily filtered set of pipe organs, all while the shoulder-shaking jerk to the percussion and resonant low-end come together to produce an original and masterfully crafted track. The remix is the equivalent of a screwed-and-chopped version of a hip-hop track. BSU does a brilliant job of providing an almost indecipherable edit, and it’s an absolute monster on a big sound system. Crisp, boomy and layered in all the right places, proper applause should be awarded to the Canadian for properly executing the remix to such a complex track.

Rounding out the EP sadly feels like an afterthought compared to the entirety of the flip. Far more palatable in production than the title cut and its remix, “Mirrorflip” is a polite, uplifting house track that would sound more at home on Plastic City or Freerange. In no way is it a bad track, and more than likely it will find its way in to DJ sets more often than its partners on the wax, but it in some way sticks out more in an undesirable way in relation to the grime of the ancillary productions. LINK



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