(J.M.F) Jacob Mikesh Filburt – Philipp Dolphia || Permanent Vacation 95 (2012)

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JMF(J.M.F) Jacob Mikesh Filburt – Philipp Dolphia || Permanent Vacation 95
Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: 15 Jun 2012


J.M.F is a joint venture consisting of Dresdens Jacob Korn and Leipzigs Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt with both of them throwing in their special secret powers: the analog house feeling and the big bass drum from Jacob and the great melodies and a certain fluffiness from Mikesh and Filburt. Together they howled with the coyotes deep down in the notorious uncanny valley and created two sparkling tracks Philip Dolphia check out the bossy flute and At The Ranch. Lauer (from Artwo Mwambe and Tuff City Kids fame, who just released his ace debut album on Running Back) took a big sip of firewater for his remix and scalps At The Ranch into a raw romantic tearjerker, Elektro meets Rimini Style.

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