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Listen/download the podcast mix HERE!

01.Freddie Hubbard – Little Sunflower (Columbia)
02.Oskar Offermann – The Fog Burns Off (White)
03.Dplay – Südseestraße (Mild Pitch)
04.Thomas Fröhlich – Witter (Stretchcat)
05.Nebraska – A Weekend On My Own (Rush Hour Recordings)
06.Mano Le Tough – They Fell Into Silence (Mirau)
07.Skwerl – Liron (International Deejay Gigolo Records)
08.Jacob Korn – Mirrorflip (Dolly)
09.Martin Hayes – Wasatrain (Mancha)
10.Jazzanova – Look What U Doin‘ To Me (MCDE mix) (Universal)
11.Mujaba – Malibu Stacey (Four Roses)
12.Floating Points – Love Me Like This (R2)
13.Beak SL – My Love Is For U (Philpot)

Since the website is in dutch only, here is a short interview in english.

Who are you? Iam Jacob Korn, an electronic music-producer and media artist, based in dresden (germany).

What equipment/gear did you use to record the mix? Serato, Two 1210, the urei-mixer of a friend and my Laptop to record the mix.

What is the concept of your mix, did you have a game plan? I enjoy playing music but i play more often own Livesets than DJ-sets, so it was a nice Challenge to record a Radio-Mix with 1210s. Basic Concept was to feature tracks from present friends and possible future friends that i really like. So the mix contains stuff from local Dresden Guys (Track 4,9,13) as well, iam pretty shure there is more to come soon.

What is currently eating up your time? Iam preparing the next releases and improving the live-setup at the moment and produce/program different interactive installations and performances.

What will be your next release? There will be a new 12″ on dolly in spring and another EP on Uncanny Valley in summer.

Will you be spinning or performing in The Netherlands anytime soon? I played in amsterdam two times in 2008, hopefully iam coming back soon:)