„Distant Point Of View“ EP out on LOTD

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My new EP on the Toronto-based Label „Left of the Dial“ of Basic Soul Unit is available as MP3 now. The tracks „whatyagonnado“ and „My Day“ were coproduced by Volker „Flokke“ Dümke from Munich.

Jacob Korn – From A Distant Point Of View EP || LOTD 06 (2010)

Review of „Left of the dial“

Jacob Korn’s debut EP on LOTD comes on the heels of critically acclaimed releases on labels such
as Running Back, Dolly, Permanent Vacation & Astrolab. Jacob’s „Distant Point of View EP“ for LOTD 
continues his excursions into the realms of the Chicago jack & Detroit tech traditions.

Jacob Korn was born in Germany in the early 80’s. His sound is influenced by Kraftwerk and the sound
of 90’s techno and house music. After a decade of sowing different musical seeds Jacob Korn is back
in the straight 4/4-domain. Given his history in glitch inspired electronica and hiphop, he continually
experiments in new recording styles and production techniques, while developing his own audiovisual
tools for media arts performances. His debut album, different EPs and remixes under various names for
european labels from Germany, France and England were fruits of this work.

The 3 tracks on the „Distant Point of View EP“ focus on the sound of synthesizers, drum computers
and samplers, following in the tradition of the Detroit and Chicago era. „Distant Point of View“ is a 13
and a half minute intense journey into raw slo mo deep house and techno territory, a heavy footed kick
juxtaposed with lush washes and synth stabs. „My Day“ , a collaboration with up and coming German
producer Flokke, is a fast paced and hypnotic dance floor monster while „whatyagonnado“ slows things
down (a bit) with a more atmosperic deep house track, yet still maintaining elements of jack. http://www.lotd.ca/distant.html

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Press Reviews are to be found here: http://www.jacobkorn.de/pressreleases

More feedback:

„jacob korn’s release of my day on the distant points of view ep is a stellar track.
i will be adding this to my sets. thanks“
Anthony „Shake“ Shakir

„groovy housey DJ tools! thanks…and a happy new year to you!“
Brendon Moeller (Steadfast)

„superb release. fully into this dopeness. will play for sure“
Alex and Stephane Attias

„Great EP, really feeling the title tune and What You Gonna Do“
Yannick  (Needs/RBMA)

„Absolutely amazing release! massive respect. Particularly like Distant Point of View.“
Nitzan (Fine Arts Recordings)

Nice tracks, My day is the one for the dancefloor but two other are the one for deep moments, 😉
Fabrice Lig

Another ace release and I especially love „Distant Point Of View“ HUGE tune which of course features on this week’s basic soul show
Simon Harrison (Basic Soul Radio Show)

great tracks, very nice vibes
Robert Owens

whatyougonnado definitely my favourite, allthough i also really like distant point of view. very nice and vibey stuff.
love the rhythm programming too. good job. playing it out allready! cheers
mark august (clone/curle)