2010 BLOGGING Wrap Up

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This is a collection of some 2010 blog-posts and nice words…enjoy!

About that sun

What is it with Jacob Korn and the sun?

Perhaps he fels deprived of his hours of sun during the sommertime, something that most of us northern europeans could relate to. Although it’s tough to recreate on record, it’s worth a shot. After all, it’s hard not to be jealous seing videos and images from Sonar, Ibiza and whatnot with plenty of sun and good vibes. Especially when you look out your window, only to find the rain pouring down. Again.

For all of us, Korn has created yet another sun-themed track, and once again it’s a pleasant ride. I rarely post snippets and previews on here, but when Jacob Korn is the man behind, you usually know that the finished product is worth throwing your change after. If you liked the Mark E post the other day, chances are you’ll find this equally attractive. Warm deep house on one side with an edgier pair of remixes on the flip. John Daly remix is massive.



new Jacob Korn on Steffi’s Dolly label

As well as being a cracking DJ, Steffi is turning out to be a rather nifty label owner. Following on from the excellent “Redbox” by Dexter, Jacob Kornreturns to Dolly with the cracking “Sundaysun EP”  featuring remixes from Irish cosmonaut John Dalyand Dexter.

Sundaysun is our favourite on here with its motor city strings bringing a softer edge to the heavy underlying bassy house while Dexter follows on from his storming Midland remix and the aforementioned release on Dolly with a distorted warping of the title track.

Top stuff

Listen to the track on Juno here and click the follow link for more releases from Jacob Korn and releases from Dolly



Without even trying to feature a common theme, I think we all feel this fugitiveness here. The need for evasion. I’m not trying to make this poetic or anything even though this may sound quirky. This somewhat defines how I feel. Thank you Jacob Korn.

Jacob Korn – Mirrorflip


Jacob Korn, „Mirrorflip“ (Dolly)

This just kills me; there’s something about the way the melody and the bass wrap around each other at odd intervals that keeps catching me off guard—a little like when you find yourself tearing up unintentionally at the end of a flick. Emo.