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Arion Stereo Chorus (Landau Mod)

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What a fat chorus that is. Especially for synths. It just needed some little tweaks to shine in the modulation section which was a little too fast and to weak for my taste. -LFO speed mod (1mikro Farad switchable in parallel to C32) -higher vibrato depth (remove R41 and replace with 470k) -chorus / vibrato mod (lift R28 and R34 where they meet. Tie them together and put it to the switches outer isolated lug. This removes the wet signal) -get two of those for real stereo chorus (the second…read more

Modded Roland TR-606 (aka poor man’s 808)

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Duration 8h for Mods: 400€ + parts (housing, pots) + postage (german clients + 19% tax) Here is a little drumbeat on the 606 to demonstrate the modifications done by discrete audio solutions and me last year. the sound of the polite machine is now ready to transform into the direction of TR-808 (BD, SD, HT) or even TR-909 (SD, LT, ). this is one of the most complicated mods i have done so far, since the PCB and housing of the TR-606 is very small and a lot of…read more


Korg Poly 61 Mod and MIDI retrofit

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A Short video demonstration of the modifications and the MIDI Interface. Duration 5h for Mod + Midi: 250€ +Parts (CHD-Midi Kit) and postage (german clients +19% tax) Mods documented here: http://e-jo.de. more simple mods here: http://voiceofsaturn.blogspot.de/2008/11/for-everyone-with-korg-poly-61.html MIDI Kit here: http://www.chd-el.cz/index.php?id=464&lngid=en www.jacobkorn.de 2014


Boss CE-300: modified

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Some sound improvements to the classic BBD Chorus. Sounds a lot smoother and a little bit like a Dimension D! Sources: www.electro-music.com http://www.freeinfosociety.com/electronics/schemview.php?id=121 https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-electronic-music-production/766045-boss-ce-300-mods.html  

Roland TR-909 vs. Aira TR-8 shootout (HQ)

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Ok, this is the shootout of two Roland drum machines. The classic techno beast from 1984 the TR-909 and the 2014 new kid on the block with 909 and 808 sounds onboard the Aira TR-8. Both got their own sweet spots in sound. i tried tuning the TR-8 as close as possible to the pitch and sound shaping possibilities of the TR-909. The recording was done while MIDI slaving the TR-8 to the 909. I tweaked both machines live and overdubbed them on the fly to show that the elements…read more