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Vintage RFZ Preamp Racking

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Those great sounding 70’s preamps from the former GDR broadcasting with discrete design and transformers were found on a local fleamarket.  Now they needed recycled wooden housings (dia boxes) powersupplies und XLR inputs/outputs. Not the most versatile preamp (no low cut,48V) but perfect for dynamic mics. Really pleased with the coloured tone and the huge amplification of 70dB!!

Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1 modified

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Duration 2h for Mod: 100€ + postage (german clients +19% tax) Fairly simple modification to my favourite chorus device. Its possible to use the depth of the vibrato section for the chorus as well now (or switch it back to original). I can perform this mod for your pedal as well! Please contact me here: www.jacobkorn.de/contact The sound is a dx7 string patch btw. Input impedance mod: Replace the 50k volume pot with a 500k log and for R11 ( 470k) 1M in parallel (=319k).    Duration: 2h


Alesis HR-16: custom sound roms

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Replaced the internal sound eproms of the cheesy sounding machine from 1987. The new roms include 2*48 sounds of Classic drummachines like TR-707, TR-727, 909, Linndrum, DMX, RZ-1 etc. Still needs the overall pitch adjustment mod. Thanks to Alex Erlewein for burning the eproms and the help! more info here: http://www.burnkit2600.com/hr-16/ http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/hr16.php    

Live Jam with ZAQuencer BCR2000 sequencer

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Being involved in the development of the Zaquencer Firmware in the final stage, he now added it to his arsenal for creating his unique sound: “I already use mostly hardware synths and sequencers, but the Zaquencer still brings something to the table. It´s as fun and intuitive as an oldschool analog sequencer, but it goes much deeper with possibilities if you want it to.” ZAQ audio: https://zaqaudio.com/testimonial


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