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Yamaha E-75 Son Of GX modification

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Got this organ with guts from the infamous GX-1 and the CS80. After the modification we got full access to the 2 polysynths (7 voices 2 OSC and LP+HP filter each) and the monophonic bass synth. 3 times 16 controls in total: 4 Filter controls (Low pass filter frequency, Low resonance, High pass filter frequency, High pass resonance) 5 stage Filter Envelope Generator (Initial Level, Attack level, Attack, Decay, Release) 4 stage Voltage Controlled Amplifier Envelope Generator (Attack, Decay, Release, Sustain) 3 waveforms possible for use in parallel (saw, square, narrow pulse) CV-control for…read more


Roland TR-707 repair+mods

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Duration 3h for Mods: 150€ + parts (housing, knobs) + postage (german clients + 19% tax) Got this defective, rewired some loose ribbon cables and exchanged the HH-slider. Mods are CH+OH+Ride decays and tune for ride (40106 clock not too stable).  Maybe replacing it with an LTC. RENT GEAR HERE:    Thx to www.discrete-audio-solutions.com for the parts. More info here: http://electro-music.com/forum/topic-37316.html


Yamaha CS-80 Kenton MIDIfied

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Yamaha CS-80 Kenton MIDIfied. Duration: 7-8h. Sequence and Program Changes in Ableton Live. Welcome to the future you litte 90 kg beast from 1977:) i will perform this to your CS-50, 60, 80 as well!                            And another happy customer:) More info: http://www.therogoffs.com/cs80/MIDI/cs80midi.html


Vintage RFZ Preamp Racking

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Those great sounding 70’s preamps from the former GDR broadcasting with discrete design and transformers were found on a local fleamarket.  Now they needed recycled wooden housings (dia boxes) powersupplies und XLR inputs/outputs. Not the most versatile preamp (no low cut,48V) but perfect for dynamic mics. Really pleased with the coloured tone and the huge amplification of 70dB!!

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