Jacob Korn

Midified: Yamaha CS01

Posted on 2014-10-31 in DIY

Midification of a Yamaha CS01 analog synth using the great Highly Liquids kit! http://store.highlyliquid.com/collections/midi-retrofits/

Music Production Workshop zum “DAVE” Festival (Dresden)

Posted on 2014-10-25 in Education

Electronic Live Stage Basteleien und Frickeleien in der elektronischen Musikproduktion können genauso soviel Spaß machen wie die Sounds & Beats, die letztlich aus den Boxen auf die Tanzfläche kommen. Doch das eine soll das andere nicht ausschließen. Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen. So könnte das Motto des Samstags im Alten Wettbüro lauten. Die Electronic Live Stage besteht deshalb aus zwei Teilen: aus Workshops & Tutorials einerseits, andererseits aus der Party mit zahlreichen Liveacts. Als besonderen Gast hat DAVE Dataline aus Göteburg eingeladen. Der gebürtige Istanbuler mit englischem Pass ist…read more

Live Jam with ZAQuencer BCR2000 sequencer

Posted on 2014-09-27 in Studio

Being involved in the development of the Zaquencer Firmware in the final stage, he now added it to his arsenal for creating his unique sound: “I already use mostly hardware synths and sequencers, but the Zaquencer still brings something to the table. It´s as fun and intuitive as an oldschool analog sequencer, but it goes much deeper with possibilities if you want it to.” ZAQ audio: https://zaqaudio.com/testimonial

Jacob Korn – shtum 005 out now

Posted on 2014-09-14 in News, Releases

Another new face for shtum but certainly not for all the Techno aficionados out there: Jacob Korn makes his debut on Uncanny Valley’s sub label to celebrate his old but not forgotten love for dark and bleepy Techno. The tracks’ origins date back to the 1990s when Jacob used to work with a MS-DOS based software sequencer called FastTracker. Imagine programming beats with Excel and look at the graphic interface on the A-side label of the record to get an idea of the workflow back then.Nevertheless, the tracks did not…read more

Arion Stereo Chorus (Landau Mod)

Posted on 2014-09-13 in DIY, Studio

What a fat chorus that is. Especially for synths. It just needed some little tweaks to shine in the modulation section which was a little too fast and to weak for my taste. -LFO speed mod (1mikro Farad switchable in parallel to C32) -higher vibrato depth (remove R41 and replace with 470k) -chorus / vibrato mod (lift R28 and R34 where they meet. Tie them together and put it to the switches outer isolated lug. This removes the wet signal) -get two of those for real stereo chorus (the second…read more

Modded Roland TR-505

Posted on 2014-09-13 in DIY, Studio

-volume potis (from mute to normal and overdrive) -glitch mods -pitch oscillator mod I used J2 for ground and IC 10 pin 14 for 4.5 V source for the oscillator. Pitch tesistor is 10k log reverse. cap was below 100nF. >

Modded Roland TR-606 (aka poor man’s 808)

Posted on 2014-09-08 in DIY, Studio

Here is a little drumbeat on the 606 to demonstrate the modifications done by discrete audio solutions and me last year. the sound of the polite machine is now ready to transform into the direction of TR-808 (BD, SD, HT) or even TR-909 (SD, LT, ). this is one of the most complicated mods i have done so far, since the PCB and housing of the TR-606 is very small and a lot of components had to be changed, traces to be cut and wires to fit in (thx Claudio!)…read more