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Welcome to the studio!

Posted on 2014-12-17 in Studio

The posts in this category describe my daily work in the studio with video reports of hardware iam using. Its possible to rent the studio with or without myself as studio engineer or even single machines. Iam also available for mixing & premastering of your projects. If you are interested in modifications, MIDIfications check out the page mods & repairs. Please contact me here for individual pricing: CONTACT.  

Mods & repairs

Posted on 2014-12-16 in mods & repairs

If you are interested in modifications of your analog gear or you want to control your 70’s and early 80’s machine with MIDI it might be possible to put a retrofit into it. check out the list of possible upgrades and videos of my midified and heavily modified analog synths and drum machines. In 2009 i got a degree as a graduate engineer for media technology (Dipl. Ing.). please ask for pricing of your individual project. CONTACT kits for the following manufacturers are available: ROLAND, MOOG, YAMAHA, ARP, KORG, KAWAI, CASIO, SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS,…read more

mixdown & premaster

Posted on 2014-12-15 in mixdown & premaster

Since today’s digital mixes tend to sound too precise and clinically more and more producers want analog warmth that can’t be easily achieved “in the box”. in respect to high end studios i rather like the dirty records so be aware of that…otherwise you would not be looking at this page, right?!  . Your project is as unique as your music. Whether you just want to do a mixdown, or if you want to record some of your tracks through outboard or even replace software instruments with classic analog synths: I got some secret (modified) weapons that…read more

Rent studio & gear

Posted on 2014-12-15 in rent studio

You can rent the studio either with or without a sound engineer (after introduction). With an engineer you save precious time with setting up, routing, mixing. its also possible to rent single machines on a daily basis. You will find photos and videos of the gear over here: equipment. feel free to ask for a complete eqipment list. If you are interested in mixing and premastering your projects check out mixing & premastering. for tailored rates CONTACT me!

Alesis HR-16: custom sound roms

Posted on 2014-11-23 in equipment, mods & repairs, Studio

Replaced the internal sound eproms of the cheesy sounding machine from 1987. The new roms include 2*48 sounds of Classic drummachines like TR-707, TR-727, 909, Linndrum, DMX, RZ-1 etc. Still needs the overall pitch adjustment mod. Thanks to Alex Erlewein for burning the eproms and the help! more info here: http://www.burnkit2600.com/hr-16/ http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/hr16.php    

Uncanny Valley Workshops at Musicplayground Dresden

Posted on 2014-11-12 in Education, News

Beim Music Playground in der Centrum Galerie Dresden konnten junge Leute in kurzen Workshops des Dresdener Labels „Uncanny Valley“ innerhalb von drei Tagen die Grundlagen der elektronischen Musik erlernen. Als Dozenten standen ihnen “Sneaker” und “Jacob Korn” beratend zur Seite. Die 6h von 14-20 Uhr waren in 4 thematische Blöcke á 1,5h eingeteilt, welche sich NICHT bedingen, aber auch nach einander an einem Tag von besonders Interessierten belegt werden konnten. Je nach Interesse oder Vorkenntnissen konnte man frei einsteigen. Die preiswerte Software BeatMaker (19euro Appstore) garantiert das problemlose Vertiefen der…read more

Korg Polysix: repaired, midified and mod

Posted on 2014-11-11 in equipment, mods & repairs, Studio

Got this baby in very bad non working condition. Had to replace the processor board (battery leakage) with a cloned version and to source 12 new SSM chips. It got also MIDI now plus an input for using the internal chorus FX. After cleaning its looking brand new. Thx so much to Curetronic.com and Malte Rogacki for helping with the reanimation:)