Jacob Korn

Juno Plus review of “EP-1″

Posted on 2014-07-15 in Press english, Press/Reviews

Between 2009 and 2012, Jacob Korn could do no wrong. The Dresden native started his recording career in fine style, delivering a 12” for Running Back – “I Like The Sun” – that blurred the boundaries between hypnotic deep house and hazy Balearica. Over the next three years, his productivity soared, with releases on Left of the Dial, Dolly and Permanent Vacation enhancing his reputation further. Yet it was through his association with hometown imprint Uncanny Valley that he really made waves. After contributing single tracks to their early split…read more

Jacob Korn – EP1 (Uncanny Valley 24)

Posted on 2014-07-14 in Releases

A1: Jacob Korn – Eisladen A2: Jacob Korn – Arzt im Praktikum B1: Jacob Korn – Fahrt durch Tal (feat. Phillip Oertel) B2: Jacob Korn – Kokosnuss Available now on vinyl and digital! Get it here: uncannyvalleyrec.bandcamp.com/album/uv024-jacob-korn-ep1 UV024 / Jacob Korn – EP1 by Jacob Korn jacobkorn.de uncannyvalley.de Video: Jacob Korn     Related articles Review: Jacob Korn – EP1 Juno Plus teases Jacob Korn “EP1″

Interaktive Installation im Deutschen Hygienemuseum Dresden

Posted on 2014-07-12 in Cross Media, Installations

Im Rahmen der Museumsnacht wurde eine interaktive Tanzbühne für die Gäste im DHMD installiert. Man konnte so durch seine Bewegungen in Echtzeit Klang und Bildprozesse steuern. Visuelles Environment: Matthias Härtig, Sound Umgebung: Jacob Korn In Kooperation mit der Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau.

“EP-1″ Review by Mavrikproductions

Posted on 2014-07-11 in Press english, Press/Reviews

Claiming recent fame for the ingenuity and consistency of his live shows, Jacob Korn has released the first of 2 EP’s on Uncanny Valley with a freshly established status as a house and techno heavyweight. The latest release fronts a familiar 90’s house and techno impression, whilst featuring some novelty sounds that blend together in a quality output. First on the release is “Eisladen” which sets the standard high with a Highlife guitar sample that provides unsuspecting harmony to an artificial sounding record, a clever touch. As the layers build in, “Arzt im Praktikum” starts to…read more

Juno Plus teases Jacob Korn – EP1

Posted on 2014-06-11 in News, Press english, Press/Reviews

Preview the first of two planned releases from the producer on the Dresden label. Uncanny Valley is definitely a label that seems to take full advantage of the proliferation of artists and producers that make up it’s Dresden-centric community, with a release schedule that can best be described as brisk – they just issued a third record from Break SL for example. Despite this fact, it’s been some two years since the label’s most recognisable artist Jacob Korn has contributed to the Uncanny Valley cause, with a full release in…read more

Roland TR-909 vs. Aira TR-8 shootout (HQ)

Posted on 2014-05-23 in Studio

Ok, this is the shootout of two Roland drum machines. The classic techno beast from 1984 the TR-909 and the 2014 new kid on the block with 909 and 808 sounds onboard the Aira TR-8. Both got their own sweet spots in sound. i tried tuning the TR-8 as close as possible to the pitch and sound shaping possibilities of the TR-909. The recording was done while MIDI slaving the TR-8 to the 909. I tweaked both machines live and overdubbed them on the fly to show that the elements…read more

UV 20 Press articles (Groove, Juno plus, HHV, Froh Froh)

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“Uncanny Valley 20″ Review on „Juno Plus“ Collaboration, particularly within local scenes, has always been one of the more positive aspects of electronic music. Since the evolution of house and techno in Chicago and Detroit respectively, producers, musicians, label owners and party promoters have always joined forces to work together, put on events and showcase their sounds to the world. Chicago may not be the best example given the infamously cut-throat nature of the early house scene (feuds sparked in the early 1980s still rumble on to this day, in…read more